Teen/Parent Driving Program

Our Teen/Parent program is a unique experience for teens and adults at our safe driving school.

At Bill's Defensive Driving School, our lessons are all private in our new dual-equipped mid-sized sedans. We never have more than one student in the car. Our teen/parent program is unique, because we not only allow parents to ride along, but we actually strongly encourage it. We invite parents not only to see their child's progress, but also to observe how a professional, certified driving instructor teaches.

Considering that parents have a 50-hour driving responsibility with their teen (as required by the DMV), and we only have six hours, who is the real teacher? We want to expose you to the very best habits so that you can become a much better driving teacher yourself. Enroll you or your teen in our teen driving school today!

We are primarily concerned with your teen's safety. Working together, we can deliver a consistent message and techniques to ensure that your teen is practicing safe and defensive driving skills.

To learn more or to get started, just give us our teen driving school a call at 877-689-1480 or contact us!

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