Senior Driver Program Only

Bill's driving school stresses that safe, defensive driving is important any age.

Advancing age or medical problems do not have to prevent an able person from driving. Bill's Defensive Driving School has worked with clients who have suffered strokes and those who have had other physical or cognitive impairments. Our senior driving school helps senior citizens regain the confidence to drive on the road, as well as sharpen defensive driving skills.

Bill also has worked as an advocate for many senior students in dealing with the DMV. The process can sometimes be quite intimidating and confusing. It really helps to have someone with Bill's experience to help walk you through all the steps and to make sure you are competent in your driving skills.

In helping seniors prepare for their behind-the-wheel driving test, some clients may only need a lesson or two, but in some instances, more lessons are needed to correct bad habits developed over the years. Refresher courses can benefit many senior drivers on the road, reducing insurance costs and reassuring families that their loved one is a safe driver.

Please call our senior driving school, and we will be happy to explain to you or your family members what you might expect and what your options are. We also encourage family members to ride along!


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