Adult Nervous Driver Program

Are you a nervous driver? With the help of our safe driving school courses, even the most anxious drivers will feel good about being on the road.

If you are an adult nervous driver who wants to learn to drive, but you've put it off because of fear and anxiety, we can help you. Perhaps you have your license, but your skills have lapsed. Maybe you have a license from another country, but you don't feel prepared to take the California driver's test. Or maybe you have lost your license due to traffic violations. Bill's Defensive Driving School has helped adults in all of these situations.

Clear, specific directions provide a step-by-step method of gaining driving skills. A sense of security is also provided by the fact that our cars have dual-controls, so if you freeze up, we can take over! If you're more comfortable with family or friends along for the ride, that's fine too.

Bill's Defensive Driving School has experience helping adult drivers regain full driving privileges they may have lost due to illness, an accident, or cognitive issues. The DMV can be very severe in the restrictions they impose on people with medical conditions, vision problems, etc. We know how to navigate the maze of technicalities and paperwork involved with the DMV and doctors, and we are ready and willing to help.

Some employers may require an employee evaluation or defensive driver training. We will evaluate the employee and can help the employer determine if defensive training is necessary.

The freedom and privilege to drive is not only a freedom, but often an urgent necessity for most of us. Bill's Defensive Driving School understands this, and we want to help you regain this freedom and responsibility as soon as possible. If you are a nervous driver, we can help you out.


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