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We offer an interactive online traffic school course, which is required for teens; however, it can be taken by anyone. Teens are required to take a certified, state-approved driver's education course prior to applying for their driving permit. Upon completion of the online driver's ed course, a certificate of completion will be issued via the United States Postal Service. All teens will be required to have the original certificate to apply for their driver's permit.

Our online traffic school program is an easy and convenient way to complete your teen driver education course requirements at your own pace. The certified driving instructors will be available to answer questions, challenge, and interact with you to make the driving course helpful and easy to understand. Bill’s Defensive Driving School provides a variety of tips and resources in our online drivers ed program to create skilled and safety-conscious drivers.

At Bill's Defensive Driving School, our online traffic school is completed online at your convenience. Our online driving course is very interactive, has the feel of a video game, and takes the student on a virtual road trip across the country. Many students complete the online driver's education course in a few days. At Bills Defensive Driving School, our online traffic school course focuses on the laws and rules of the road to increase the student drivers competence and awareness while driving. There is no time limit on completing the driving course.

The Traffic School by IMPROV was created over 20 years ago and an excellent option for $24.95. This is an online traffic school that helps to resolve requirements for traffic school. We allow you to make your own schedule translating to convenience and the appropriate materials for the school. Also, we'll report to the DMV and court.

Depending on your financial or insurance situation, this course may qualify for a car insurance discount, as well. We look forward to being the driver's ed online course you choose. For any additional questions about our online traffic school, please contact us and we will respond in a timely manner.

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